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What is an independent travel advisor?

An independent travel advisor is an agent who works in the field of travel, creating customized itineraries for trips by offering the best recommendations for every aspect along the way. Travel agents can narrow the scope of this definition by specializing in a niche, like honeymoons, luxury, family, adventure, etc. 

As independent advisors, we have the freedom to work with any travel supplier. We have access to a wide array of travel partners which can translate into great savings and support for our clients. More importantly, an independent travel advisor will give you back your time and personalized service!

Do you charge a fee for travel planning and personal assistance?

A free consultation is provided for all clients. There is an upfront planning service fee of $75, this fee is nonrefundable. Global Travel By Jay will also be available to you throughout the entire journey and will advocate for you in case things are not going as planned during your trip. Personalized communications and a travel gift are just some of the perks of booking with us. 

We love referrals and also have a referral program. If you refer a client to us, which results in a vacation booking you will receive a $50 gift card from us!

What is your specialty?

Global Travel By Jay specializes in luxury, adventure, all-inclusive, and cruise vacations. We are also happy to craft Domestic travels. 

Global Travel By Jay is actively enrolled in certification courses and continuing travel education with the Travel Institute and Travel Leaders. Continuing education on the best island destinations, tour operators, resorts, cruise lines is very important to us.

Do you recommend travel insurance?

This is a big YES!! You will decide if you want to add travel insurance to your travel reservation and we can provide you with quotes. Traveling with travel insurance in these sometimes hectic travel times will give you peace of mind and perhaps some money back in your pocket. 

Can I use my frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards?

Unfortunately no. We can, however, enter your loyalty numbers into your reservation before you travel. 

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