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Image by Brandon Nelson

Cruise Travel

Certain destinations, such as Alaska, lend themselves to a seafaring experience. It’s hard to beat a cruise if you want a first taste of the islands of the Caribbean.

New ports, itineraries, and destinations, coupled with innovations on board alongside the sheer diversity of itineraries and themes offered by various lines means that finding a cruise that suits you has never been easier.

Camel Tour

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel beckons the curious, the thrill-seeker, and the boundary-pusher. Adventure connotes a combination of natural wonder, extreme activities, and sometimes remote locations—say, mountain biking through the Dolomites, eating your way through Mexico City’s food markets or even climbing up Denali. Whatever constitutes adventure for you, let us help you search for your next adventure! 

Image by Alev Takil

Luxury Travel

The concept of luxury is variable. For some, luxury may translate to silk sheets, sumptuous spas and exclusive access to top-of-the-line facilities. For others, it may mean getting to take part in unique immersive experiences. 
At Global Travel By Jay LLC we understand that luxury is never clear-cut. It is all about customization, personalization and minimum stress for our clients. Let us discover your definition of luxury.

Hot Stone Massage

Wellness Travel

Wellness travel promotes your health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, through activities that you do during your trip. The goal is to check out feeling healthier and happier than when you checked in!

Partake in the luxury of a spa vacation, visit a yoga retreat. All of these activities are part of wellness travel. The purpose is to make your entire trip an adventure to feeling better in both your body and mind.

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